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Illustration Pricing

The cost of an illustration depends on how complicated they are. Simple black and white drawings and linework will be cheaper. The full-color illustrations with complex background and multiple characters/creatures will be more expensive.

Illustrated eBook Cover

Illustrated eBook Cover
  • A professionally designed, digitally illustrated eBook Cover, unique to your story.

  • High resolution image in JPG format, upload-ready.

  • Includes a single character or creature and digitally illustrated environment.

  • Extra characters or creatures can be added at an extra fee.

  • BONUS: 3D Book Mockup

      Starts from


Illustrated Character

Character Design

Black & White Character
or Creature (Isolated)



Character Illustration

Full Color Character with
Simple Background



Character Art

Full Color Character Outdoor Background
Medium Complexity


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Illustrated Paperback Formatting Add-ons

Title Page Design
Chapter Header Illustration
ornamental break illustration

Title Page Illustration and Design ($120)

Chapter Header Illustration ($100)

Ornamental Break Illustration ($55)

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