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Website Designs for Authors

your literary adventure begins with a stunning website.

In today’s competitive market, a great website is your secret weapon! Here at NMT Design Studio, we know the power of a captivating online presence. Your website is the place where readers, agents, and publishers connect with your story. Imagine showcasing your books, sharing your writing journey, and engaging with your fans—all in one place. A sleek design and easy navigation make sure your visitors stay engaged.

Author Websites | NMT Design Studio


Beautiful Design

Picture this: a website that not only looks gorgeous but also helps you connect with your readers. Our skilled website designers are here to craft a website that's both stunning and practical.

Web Design for Authors | NMT Design Studio


Mobile Compatible

It's a mobile world, but we've got you covered. Our web design service ensures your website shines across all screens. No more stressing about your site getting lost in the mobile shuffle.

Author Websites | NMT Design Studio


Build With SEO in Mind

We've got the SEO know-how to create a website that is visible to search engines. We carefully choose the right keywords that are appropriate for the author's market and place them strategically. 

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A Few Author Websites We've Designed

Author Websites | NMT Design Studio

Paul Sating

Epic and Urban Fantasy Author

Author Websites | NMT Design Studio

Kara S. Weaver

Epic Fantasy Author

Author Websites | NMT Design Studio

N.M. Thorn

Urban Fantasy Author

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