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General Questions

1 / What genres do you design?

Mostly, I work with authors who write in Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, PNR, and other Fantasy subgenres, but I am open to work with all genres.

2 / How does it work and where do I start?

Start by deciding what kind of cover you need: custom or premade. Then fill out the form and submit it. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. For the custom cover design, we will send you a detailed creative survey form, so you can provide us with all the information we need to understand your vision of the cover and design the book cover you'd love. With this email, we will also send you an initial invoice and a link to PayPal to pay a 50% deposit.

3 / What is the difference between a premade and custom book cover?

A custom book cover is created based on the information you provide in your creative survey. This personalized approach ensures that the cover works perfectly with your storyline and reflects your unique vision for your novel. A pre-made cover adheres to a style suitable for a chosen genre, but it is generic and not custom-tailored for your story.

4 / How do you design the covers?

All my covers -- custom and premade -- are done by utilizing stock photography from reliable stock photography sites (Shutterstock, iStockphoto), DAZ3D modeling, or digitally illustrated.

5 / Do you use AI in your art?

Absolutely not! I do not use AI and I have no intention of using AI-generated images in my art. I am not willing to put my clients at risk of potential lawsuits by using AI art in their covers. Also, I do not support the use of AI because AI takes credit for hard work done by other artists.

6 / What is your revision process?

When you receive the first draft, it will be in black-and-white. The purpose of this draft is to make sure all design elements are included and that you like the overall look and feel of the cover. I like to refer to this initial version as a "conversation starter." Your feedback is crucial at this stage, so please be clear and detailed. Let me know if any changes are needed, and I will work on them, but keep in mind that completing all the revisions may take a day or two before you see the next draft. Once I've incorporated all your requested changes, I will send you a color version of the design. Depending on the package you chose, you'll have three or four rounds of revisions in total. The revision process for illustrated designs and book covers is slightly different.

7 / How do I pay for the cover design?

All payments, the initial deposit and the final payment, are done via PayPal.

8 / What size and format are the eBook Covers?

You will receive the finalized eBook covers in JPG format, with dimensions of 1600x2560 pixels, which is the standard size for Kindle. If you require a different size, please let us know in your creative survey or at the time of ordering.

9 / What other services do you offer?

Besides cover design and pre-made covers, we also offer a variety of add-ons that include marketing and promotional materials, character designs and concept art. Also, as part of our services, we offer website designs for authors. You can find more information about our website design services on our "Author Websites" page.

10 / How can I contact you?

The simplest way to get in touch with me is through this website, but you can also send me a message on our Facebook page.

11 / How can I credit you for the service?

Kindly add the sentence below to your copyright page: "Cover design by" If it's an eBook, please make it a clickable link.

12 / Can I edit a cover you have created for me or hire another designer to do that for me?

No, you cannot! If you need any changes done to the cover I've created for you, just reach out to me, and I'll gladly make the adjustments. This applies to both custom projects and premade designs.

Copyright and Licensing Questions

1 / Who owns the rights to the cover after I purchase it?

Once you've made the final payment, the cover becomes yours to use under the iStockPhoto/Shutterstock Standard License terms. This license permits you to sell up to 500,000 eBooks and Paperbacks. If you go beyond this limit, you'll need to buy an Extended License for each main photo used in your cover design. It's important that you inform us about this so we can give you a list of the photo IDs used in your cover design.

2 / Can you send me a PSD File of my cover?

Certainly! We can send you the cover file in PSD format, but please note that all layers, except for the text layers, will be flattened. This is because a fully-layered PSD file may include licensed materials from third parties, such as stock photos, or design elements that can't be distributed due to licensing and copyright restrictions. The PSD File with editable text is available at an extra fee of $90.

3 / Can I get my cover design without any text on it?

No, we only offer ready-made covers, complete with typography. However, we're more than willing to work with you and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you're fully satisfied with the end product.

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